Revolutionizing Aluminum Production: Hydro Extrusions Sweden’s Sustainable Path Forward

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Dive deep into Hydro Extrusions Sweden’s groundbreaking journey to transform aluminum production. Explore their innovative three-phased approach to adopting renewable energy sources, and discover how they’re setting new industry standards for sustainability and positive community impact.


Hydro Extrusions Sweden, a titan in the aluminum industry, is embarking on a revolutionary journey towards a sustainable future. The company has set a bold goal to eradicate carbon dioxide emissions at its plants, all while nurturing the surrounding communities. This commitment is encapsulated in the “Greener Sweden” initiative, a testament to Hydro’s dedication to positive change and innovation.

Leadership and Vision for Sustainability

At the helm of this transformative journey is Jonas Bjuhr, the Managing Director at Hydro Extrusions Sweden. Bjuhr’s vision extends beyond the conventional, seeing the transition to solar energy not just as a necessity, but as a vital investment in the future of the company and the aluminum industry at large. His message is clear: the time for passive observation is over; it is time to act against climate change. Hydro aims to lead by example, producing aluminum profiles that are not just high-quality but also contribute positively to both customers and employees.

Three-Phased Approach to Energy Conversion

Hydro’s strategy for sustainable transformation is meticulously planned in three phases. The journey begins with the installation of both roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar panels, harnessing the power of renewable energy directly at the plants. Looking ahead, the company anticipates integrating wind and/or hydrogen power post-2025, further solidifying its commitment to clean energy.

Long-Term Goals and Industry Impact

Marianne Wergeland Jenssen, the Head of Energy Solutions at Hydro Rein, underscores the significance of Hydro’s initiatives. By setting clear long-term goals while optimizing current potential in energy efficiency and locally produced renewable energy, Hydro Extrusion Sweden is not just reducing its own CO2 footprint but is also lighting the way for the entire aluminum industry.

Aluminum’s Versatility and Hydro’s Contributions

Aluminum stands out for its versatility and wide array of applications across industries. Through its sustainable production practices, Hydro is enhancing the value of aluminum, ensuring that it is not just a material of choice for its properties, but also for its reduced environmental impact. The benefits extend beyond the factories, reaching customers, employees, and the communities, aligning with a global shift towards sustainability.


Hydro Extrusions Sweden is charting a course towards a sustainable future in aluminum production, setting new industry standards and contributing positively to the global fight against climate change. The company’s initiatives serve as a beacon, encouraging others in the industry and communities to join in the movement towards sustainable practices and a greener world.

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